Just when we all thought Old Rogers was hanging the shield up. Deadline is reporting that Chris Evans is in talks with Marvel Studios to reprise his iconic Captain America role in a future appearance. Deadline notes that it likely won’t be a fourth Captain America film but an appearance as a supporting role similar to what Robert Downey Jr. did in Civil War. Deadline’s sources say that Marvel recently floated an idea that intrigued Evans and that a deal was made at the new year.

This is absolutely massive news. It goes without being said how beloved Evans’ performance as Cap was so to be able to see more of him is always a good thing. However, it does bring up some interesting notions on just how and where Cap could show up. I’m seeing a lot of people say it could be for Secret Invasion where they give us Skrull Captain America. Some people are looking at the Multiverse of Madness where we could see HYDRA Cap. It also could be for that Nomad show our friend Charles Murphy broke fairly recently. Right now, it’s a mystery but a very exciting one at that.

Source: Deadline