As you all know, Avengers: Infinity War is currently in production, and little by little we’ve been getting our first looks at the many characters in the film. This week, we got our first official confirmation that Chris Evans, Scarlett Johannson, and Chadwick Boseman will seemingly share scenes together set in Wakanda. At this point, we’ve gotten brief glimpses of about every original member of the Avengers, except Thor. While we’ve seen an image of Mjlonir on the set of the film, Chris Hemsworth has yet to be spotted on set, until now. This week, Hemsworth took to Instagram to give us an inside look at how directors Joe and Anthony Russo choreograph fight scenes…and to have some fun while he was at it. Check it out below!

While this video was all in fun and doesn’t reveal anything about the film, I know some of you are dying for speculation, so speculate I shall. For starters, Hemsworth is still rocking his fresh new haircut that we saw in the Thor: Ragnarok trailers. Does that mean he’ll keep the cut after the events of his third solo outing? We have no way of knowing, especially considering he wears a wig to pull off Thor’s normal look. If we had to guess, he’ll have his luscious locks back just in time to face Thanos. Secondly, he mentions that he and Hulk are mates, meaning we’re betting Thor and ‘ol Jade Jaws will settle their differences in the gladiator arena and move on in their professional relationship (remember, he’s a friend from work).

Also, he knocks several of the action figures off of the table with Mjlonir, he leaves Falcon and War Machine standing up, mentioning that they can stay because he likes them. This raises two questions: first off, will he reforge his mighty hammer after Hela destroys it in the events of Ragnarok? Possibly, but given that the released concept art for the film shows him wielding a weapon that looks like Jarnbjorn, it’s not likely. Finally, do his comments mean that Hemsworth just likes those two characters, or will Sam Wilson and Bucky form an unlikely friendship with the Odinson during the events of the film? It’s anybody’s guess.

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Source: Instagram