With filming in full swing for Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2, we haven’t seen much from behind the scenes. Then again, with Marvel, we rarely do. But today, in an effort to support the Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club, in star Chris Pratt’s home town, we’re getting a pretty fun look behind the scenes as Pratt aims to raise money through Omaze for the club. The behind-the-scenes look is guided by the Star-Lord himself, as Pratt shows the costume department, props, and almost shares who Star-Lord’s father is, before being interrupted by writer/directer James Gunn. (You can watch the full video above.)

I do know what a spoiler is, I had one on my CRX in high school.

The grand prize for the contest is a day on set, where you may or may not get to crash a golf cart, take a director’s chair, and jump a forklift. Other prizes include your very own mixed tape, exclusive art, and exclusive t-shirts.

Some information regarding the Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club:

Established in 2004, the Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club is located
in the heart of Chris Pratt’s hometown of Lake Stevens, WA. While the
club offers a fun and engaging space for younger children, it’s
lacking a designated place for teenagers to go after school. Donations
to this campaign will help the Lake Stevens Boys and Girls Club build
a welcoming space where these teens can come to hang out, play games,
watch movies, listen to music and enjoy being teens! They’ll also be
surrounded by positive role models who are always willing to help with
homework, resumes or job interview tips.

You can enter the contest directly through Omaze at https://www.omaze.com/chris.

Source: Omaze