It has been quite a turbulent experience as a Marvel fan. We got some incredible highlights last year with Black PantherAnt-Man and the Wasp and Avengers: Infinity War. Yet, we also had to say goodbye to James Gunn, who was forced to exit the production of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after some controversy hit the web. He currently is sheduled to direct a Suicide Squad sequel for Warner Bros. with no new director replacing him. For a while, it also looked like Dave Bautista was ready to leave the franchise behind as his loyalty to Gunn and his original vision could signal the end of the team we have come to love up until now. There has been a surprising amount of silence regardig the project. Unlike with Ant-Man, no new director has been announced to take over the project. It is an odd move if you consider that the film had already entered pre-production during the time of Gunn‘s hiring. Luckily, Chris Pratt recently teased in an interview with Variety that we will see the return of the Guardians with everyone returning to their iconic roles.

“I promise there’ll be a third movie, I don’t know exactly what that’s going to look like, but I know everyone on board is just eager to give the fans what they want and wrap up a trilogy in a meaningful way.”

What does it all mean? It could also be some damage control from Pratt, who like us wants to see the return of these great characters. The last time we saw them was when everyone except Rocket vanished at the hands of Thanos’ snap in Infinity War. Gamora is the only character whose fate is questionable, as she was pushed off from a cliff so that the Mad Titan could claim the Soul Stone. There are a lot of unanswered questions. These are just the in-universe problems that arise when wondering if all the original Guardians members will return in the upcoming film. There is also the question on when we could see any announcement in regards to the project. It almost feels like they are waiting out for the Gunn controversy to die out so that they could potentially bring him back as a director.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Would you want Gunn to return to direct?

Source: Variety via Heroic Hollywood