EDITOR’S NOTE: He’s a shoo-in for Dario Agger. Bring back that Patrick Bateman energy!

It’s that time again. Time for Marvel Studios to cast an prestigious, Oscar winning actor in potentially a minor or villain role. This time around, it’s Christian Bale, who’s apparently in talks to star alongside Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Natalie Portman in Thor: Love and Thunder. However, when Collider asked Marvel Studios about this, they gave a typical “no comment”.

Having starred in the racing drama Ford v Ferrari, in which he’s now up for a Golden Globe and a SAG Award for his role as Ken Miles. This would also mean that this will be Christian Bale’s first superhero role since 2012, having starred as Batman in The Dark Knight Rises.

As for who he could potentially be playing in the movie? I honestly have no idea. But, taking into considering who’s in this movie and what it might be about, he could potentially be playing Gorr as the villain, but Hela already took many aspects from him already. Or, wild card, he’s doing the motion capture and voice for Mangog, who is basically the physical manifestation of an entire race killed by Odin, seeking vengeance on all gods.

Who do you think Christian Bale is playing? A minor role? A villain? Comment below!

Source: Collider