We’re less than two months from the premiere of Thor: Ragnarok and the hype surrounding might be at an all-time high.  The third movie in the franchise responsible for bringing Thor Odinson and Asgard to the silver screen is the most-anticipated movie of this Fall and theater chains are looking to do whatever they can to make the movie’s premiere a good time for anyone that heads out to the cinema.

Taking to Facebook this week, giant theater chain Cinemark announced a special event for Ragnarok on Thursday, November 2.  Calling it the ‘Thor: Ragnarok Opening Night Fan Event,’ fans of Odinson and Gladiator Hulk not only will be able to see the movie an hour earlier than anyone else, they’ll also get some swag and munchies. Cinemark promises that fans will be treated to “exclusive content” while receiving a collectible coin — that features Thor’s battle helmet on one side and Hulk’s Gladiator gear on the reverse — and a free large popcorn.

If you’re a collector, much like myself, some cool memorabilia might just persuade big-time Thor fan to see the movie in a Cinemark property over a competing theater chain such as AMC or Regal.

Thor: Ragnarok opens everywhere November 3. You can buy your tickets on Fandango, now.