MCU prelude comic tie-ins don’t always get a lot of attention from fans but in the first Avengers: Infinity War tie-ins’ case, there’s a lot going on for it. In the comic, the aftermath of the superhuman civil war from Captain America: Civil War is revealed and it’s a pretty happy-ending for most of the Avengers.

As expected, we finally learn the story behind Bucky’s cryogenesis at the hands of the Wakandans. Shuri spearheads the deprogramming process and its apparently a very complex one. Completely erasing the bad juju inside Bucky’s mind could mean that we could lose the very qualities that define Bucky. It raises the idea of whether the Bucky we see load that rifle in the Avengers: Infinity War trailer still has the demons of Hydra in his head.

The comic also details the events that follow the rest of Team Cap – via Black Widow goes on a covert operation in Syria to intercept a bunch of terrorists with Chitauri powered tech, which according to CBM might be supplied by the US government. Scarlet Witch goes on her European rendezvous with Vision who’s already in his Victor Shade human form. The dads of Team Cap – Scott Lang and Hawkeye – head home after Cap breaks them out though it’s not clear what kind of ramifications await them in their households. Iron Man also begins prepping for a fight he knows is eventually coming.

It’s still up in the air just how “canon” this comic will be come Infinity War. A lot of the character details are glossed over given the real estate a comic book offers. There are weird inconsistencies here and there such as Cap breaking his team out of prison in costume and some lines are terribly heavy-handed. Regardless, the prelude comic is a nice look at the events we never got to see in Captain America: Civil War.

The writer of this book, Will Corona Pilgrim spoke to Marvel and teased part 2 of this prelude.

For Prelude #2, it’s mostly led by Doctor Strange and Wong so it’s taking place shortly after the events of his film, which was extra fun since I got to reunite with Jorge Fornés, my Doctor Strange Prelude artist on that one.

Source: CBR, CBM, and Fansided