Scotland’s Mark Millar is known for his popular comic book creations like Kick-Ass, Wanted, Nemesis, and the now-iconic Civil War storyline that changed the way Marvel handled their comic events forever among others. What he isn’t usually known for is his 12-issue Spider-Man run under the prestige Marvel Knights alongside artist Terry Dodson back in 2004, (which actually turned up pretty great!) so it’s a nice surprise seeing him share his love for now-premiering Spider-Man: Homecoming.

While Millar’s love for the film is just as important as any average joe’s, it’s cool seeing a distinguished comic book creator such as him rally for a film in a cinematic universe his comic books helped shape. This is also coming from a guy who didn’t love Captain America: Civil War! I don’t love the majority of his body of work but his brief stint on Spider-Man was a crazy fun read. He gave new life to Peter Parker’s never-ending battle with Green Goblin and turned Mac Gargan into what I think is the most violent version of Venom. With most of Millar’s comic book creations getting adapted for film, I sure as hell wouldn’t mind seeing his Spider-Man story play out in the MCU one day.

Source: Twitter