It is already a given that Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a massive movie in terms of both the concept of dealing with the multiverse along with its fair share of returning and new characters. Just last week, it was reported that Marvel Sorcerer Brother Voodoo will be joining the sequel to thwart off the threats in the multiverse. And now, a new report reveals that another ally of Strange will reportedly join the fray in the form of Marvel Sorceress, Clea.

The Illuminerdi was able to grab a hold of another casting call from the Doctor Strange sequel that they deemed to be Clea.  The casting call indicates that the movie is casting for a female lead with “leading lady” type qualities which would mean that the role is significant. Further, it was also revealed that the age range of the actress that they are looking for is between the late 20s to early 40s which places the character to be on par with the age of Stephen Strange that would spark a romantic angle. While the description of the casting call didn’t mention Clea or even a Marvel Sorceress, the resemblance is hard to ignore.

For those who are unaware, in the comics, Clea is the daughter of Umar and the niece of Dormammu, who we already saw in the first Doctor Strange film. The connection to Umar is interesting given that there are previous reports which revealed that a casting call for villains points to a rumored appearance from him. In addition, the more intriguing part is her connection to Dormammu. Fans would recall that the villain was thwarted off due to the bargain that was made courtesy of Strange and his use of the Time Stone. With the Time Stone gone, it would make sense for Dormammu to return to exact his revenge. This would explain the reason behind the motivation for Strange to search for the time stone from the leaked synopsis that has been circulating.

How Clea will be introduced remains to be seen but it would be interesting to see how significant her role is moving forward. Since this is just a rumor at this point, fans should not let her hopes up and take this as a grain of salt. However, given the growing number of threats that are already in the sequel, Strange can definitely use all the help that he can get.

Source: The Illuminerdi