While fans haven’t been treated to the full trailer for Marvel’s upcoming television project, Inhumans, the attendees at the ABC Upfronts have, so the trailer does exist. One detail that has leaked about that trailer is that it shows Lockjaw, the oversized teleporting bulldog from the comics, in all of his glory. Luckily for all of us impatient fans, this one bit of the trailer has been posted to Twitter.

This clip shows that Marvel is definitely going a different route to show teleportation in Inhumans than they did in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. We have seen teleportation done many different ways over the years and this seems to be more Harry Potter-esque than it is science-fictiony. Part of that could be because over his 50+ years in the comics, Lockjaw’s powers have been altered a few times. In the comics, teleportation occurs when Lockjaw discharges energy from his antenna. Given that he’s capable of traveling between dimensions as well, it could be that Lockjaw is using the energy to open wormholes. However, the effects in the clip seem to indicate an reintegration of both Lockjaw and Black Bolt, which is more in line with traditional sci-fi. While we aren’t sure exactly what they’re going for, the answer is probably to just be happy about seeing Lockjaw!

Does this first look at the special effects in Inhumans get you excited? Is Lockjaw everything that you ever wanted? Let us know, in the comments!


Source: Twitter