Here is something that many people have been waiting for. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is quite expansive and besides The Defenders franchise, the TV shows haven’t had too many crossovers. Even Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. with the most connections with the films has never really had any crossover with the other TV shows. There is a lot of that this could change, as Hulu’s Runaways and Freeform’s Cloak and Dagger have the biggest connection of all. They focus on teenagers with powers that are trying to escape their troubles. In the comics, they had many crossovers and the characters of Cloak and Dagger even were temporary members of the group. The biggest obstacle would be their geographical locations but there may be a chance that they’ll find themselves on a road trip at one point. The Twitter page for Cloak and Dagger certainly knows the hope for this to happen and now is teasing a special shoot between actors Aubrey Joseph and Gregg Sulkin.

Sadly, this does not confirm if we will actually see a crossover between them but it is certainly interesting that they are teasing it. Marvel TV has been rather coy on their future ventures, as the Netflix shows are being canceled one after another and New Warriors still has no home. Disney+ is on the horizon and both Hulu and Freeform are owned by Disney. They are PG-13 shows, which would be the main demographic for the new streaming service, and the new platform could be a jumping off point for people interested in the new shows. It would make sense to maybe have a crossover from two distinct shows as an additional story on the new platform. This way they could get people interested in checking out both shows, as the new streaming platform would be a great way to bring franchises from different platforms together. This may also just be part of a small marketing campaign for both shows or something else but just like the Twitter profile, it is a fun theory to play around with. Hopefully, we could see the return of a special Marvel TV shot with the actors from the various projects. For more info visit this link

Would you want a crossover? How would you imagine one happening?

Source: Twitter

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