Marvel TV made huge waves this week when it was announced that New Warriors, the highly anticipated comedy offering from Marvel, was being pulled out of ABC’s sister network, Freeform. Filming for a full New Warriors season has not yet commenced though it was reported that a pilot was shot and blew Disney executives away. The only remaining Marvel show on Freeform however, Cloak & Dagger, did film an entire season and in fact, has finished production.

The news comes courtesy of an Instagram post from actor JD Evermore, who pretty much confirmed his involvement with the show. After one semi-underwhelming trailer, Freeform still hasn’t given us much about the show. Last October at New York Comic-Con, they put up a Cloak & Dagger booth but even then, there wasn’t much to go on as opposed to Hulu’s super easter eggy Runaways exhibit. But with the show slated to premiere sometime in January, we should probably expect more footage and information. Stay tuned here!

Source: Instagram