New Orleans is serving as the main backdrop for the upcoming Marvel project Cloak and Dagger that will premiere on ABC’s cable network, Freeform, in 2018. While we got our first glimpse at the storyline that follows two teenagers with abilities back at TV upfronts, not much is known about the project otherwise. We still do not have a release date beyond the confirmation that it will premiere next year. The project’s production is now underway, as we got a small glimpse thanks to an Instagram post by NOVA, the New Orleans Movie & TV Tours.

Given the city’s extensive history with film, NOVA offers a service so tourists can visit various filmings sites.  This led to the picture being taken from the set, with the production title “Shadow.” (This does make you wonder if they have a second crew that was called Light in tribute to the protagonist’s affinity with these elements.) The production seems to be taking place in Le Pavillon Hotel, which could be used as a backdrop for where Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen are hiding while on the run. It could be that they try to use the hotel as a getaway place after getting chased or given the Romeo and Juliet approach to this story, where they just enjoy some small moment of solace. Whatever is happening here, we will be sure to know once the show airs.

Also worth noting from Instagram is iconic adult film star Traci Lords may have guested in the show in a cameo role, as she took to Instagram to post an image of her from a set that looks very familiar from the one at hand, along with the hashtag #cloakanddagger. Now, it’s either she’s just being gothy for the hell of it or she’s cameoing in some extent in the show. Even adult stars want to get in on that MCU buzz. How about that?

What do you think is happening in this scene? What are your hopes for the series?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.