With less than 4 days until Daredevil hits the internet world-wide, Marvel and Netflix are in a full promotional blitz. We’ve seen trailers, tv spots, posters, motion posters, reviews and plenty of interviews, and now we get to see some pretty awesome Daredevil related art in various public places around the world. This article will be updated throughout the day/night while more art is discovered.

First up is this awesome mural near Five Brothers on 47th & 10th in Hell’s Kitchen (NYC). It has a very similar style to that of Joe Quesada, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had something to do with it

Now we head across the pond to London, UK where this incredible street art was spotted. The artist responsible is UK artist Daniel Norris.

Marvel also went ahead and released a picture of even more street art on their official Daredevil Twitter page. This one is from an artist named Brian Barneclo in San Francisco.

This one popped up yesterday on Twitter, it is located in LA and is from the artist devNgosha

MAMBO from Paris is responsible for this one, he posted it on his Instagram yesterday.

I will update this article as more art is found. Keep checking back.