Comics legend Joe Quesada is due to make his directorial debut on Slingshot, the first spin-off of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. to air. Quesada was interviewed by IGN regarding his directorial debut, alongside Natalia Cordova-Buckley (Yo-Yo), and Clark Gregg (Phil Coulson). The trio discussed what it was like to have Quesada direct, as well as described how the format of the show will be different from other Marvel shows so far.

Cordova-Buckley surprisingly was unaware of who Quesada was, but was excited to work with a comic book creator once becoming familiar with his work:

“I didn’t know who [Joe] Quesada was until he was announced to direct. Personally, his storyboards felt watching myself drawn into a comic book. It’s just lovely that the director took such time to tell his story put me down on paper…and draw me so lifelike.”

Gregg, who has been close with the whole Marvel family for a while, was obviously previously familiar with Quesada‘s work and was really looking forward to working with him:

“We’ve been friends for a long time, it was a really a treat to get him to be out here, and work with him the first time he directs. He was very hands on with the storyboards for the episode. Unbelievable, They will soon be all over the walls of my house in frames.”

Quesada, the freshman director, explained how he might’ve gone a little overboard in pre-production (which probably has to do with his Comic background) and how he was happy to focus on Yo-Yo, who has become a fan favorite:

“My storyboards are probably a bit more detailed than they need to be. We sort of get to tell the story in between the cracks and that gives us what happened during some missing time. It focuses on Natalia, our fans are digging Yo-Yo a lot, and it gives us a really nice focus into her. The adventures that she has, it kind of defines a lot about her character, and how she goes about her business as an inhuman, someone with these superpowers.”

Quesada‘s comments are extremely encouraging, as Yo-Yo is the first Inhuman character to get this spotlight. Quesada drops hints in the interview about how the series will focus on her powers, and how they affect her personal life. These comments are also insightful when compared to the synopsis that was released when the series was. The synopsis describes Yo-Yo as undertaking an extremely personal mission that puts her at loyalties at odds. As she performs this mission it will gradually test not only her allegiances but also test who she is as a person when the Sokovia Accords conflict with her ability to use her powers.

Slingshot will premiere December 13th, with all of its episodes releasing at once.The interview also contains intriguing storyboards for the series, which can be viewed here. Watch the teaser for the show here, as well as read the synopsis here.

Source: IGN