As noted previously in this MCU Exchange article, Dan Harmon, creator of Community and co-creator of the animated show Rick and Morty was brought in during the end of the production of Doctor Strange for reshoots and additional scenes. Last night, on the eve of the release of the film, Harmon was asked by a Reddit user about his work on the movie during one of Reddit’s Ask Me Anything sessions and addressed several aspects of the experience in, seemingly, one breath focusing first on proclaiming victory for supporters of quality superhero stories:

professionalecho: What was it like working on Doctor Strange, especially so relatively late in the day on production?

DAN HARMON: It was a joy. I didn’t have to deal with any of the pressures and anxieties that I’m sure are a constant over there. Stepping off an elevator into a lobby with a giant MARVEL logo is already insane, it feels like you’re being brought into the Pentagon. Then to finally meet the mucky mucks over there like Kevin Feige was so refreshing and uplifting….I’ve been pitching and babbling about high concept stuff for twenty years and I’d gotten so used to this dichotomy of the “suits,” who loved sports and couldn’t wait to leave work and who barely cared about the medium, versus the writers, who were the only nerds on a movie, constantly irritating the suits with their logical points about the original property and who were looked at as a necessary evil that weren’t welcome on set….so to step into that ministry, where it’s official, we WON, the people that care whether a super hero movie is a good are now the people controlling everything…it just feels glorious…

But, despite the assertion that high-concept had won, it only takes so long to realize that it’s the fan that is the real winner here, and Harmon is a fan who would like to be in on the whole thing much earlier:

…even before you get into the experience of them saying, “so, we haven’t shown this to anybody yet, would you mind taking a look?” And getting to see what these things look like when they’re 80 percent done…it was a breathtaking experience, I can’t gush enough about it. It would be more than a dream come true to get back over there and talk to them about more stuff …I mean, it’s what we do for “fun” so if you imagine getting to do it for a check AND the possibility that you’re somehow helping…it’s as intensely orgasmic as you’d think, times ten. And I don’t care how late in a production anyone might want to talk to me about projects in that genre…I’d love to get a chance to show them what I could do if I was there earlier.

But, in true fanboy fashion, he realizes his limitations and then says just a little too much!

But we all know me, I’d probably just choke and screw everything up so maybe I should happy with my Dr. Strange tote bag and the bag of awesome weed Tilda Swinton gave me JUST KIDDING I didn’t talk to her. I went to the wrap party. (ESPN journalist) Steve Levy almost choked on a overly dry slider and had to puke it up near a very bummed out DJ. I’m telling you that because I know he’d want you to know.

Harmon was asked a follow-up MCU question by another Reddit user:

MohamedEV: What do you think of the Russo’s (sic) work on The Winter Soldier and Civil War? Are you excited for Infinity War?

DAN HARMON: I find myself wanting to rewatch the scene where Nick Fury’s SUV does its best to repel a global siege. I’m as excited for Infinity War as you…but I’m also fully ready for some solid 90 minute non-origin movies showcasing particular heroes.

Isn’t it nice to know that someone like Dan Harmon, who actually gets to be involved in the MCU, is, at his core, a fan first? It again hits home as to why this universe just gets deeper and deeper: it’s in the hands of people who have a personal interest in it. What do you think of Dan’s comments? And what scene do you watch over and over again from an MCU film? (Mine is the opening sequence of Civil War when Steve meets Sam for the first time…what a great moment)

Doctor Strange opens nationwide on November 4 (you know…TONIGHT!!!)

Source: Reddit