Recently Doctor Strange went through some additional photography, or “reshoots” as they are sometimes called. Such second runs at production are common in big-budget movies and have also become a subject of much debate in a variety of recent circumstances (including Rogue One and Suicide Squad). In this case, no one is reporting major problems for the film, just a need to get a little more footage. We now know that one of the players in that process was Community creator Dan Harmon.

When Marvel Studios needed a writer to whip up some additional last-minute scenes for its latest comic book movie, Doctor Strange, it called on one writer in Hollywood you would least expect: Dan Harmon.

The news is interesting on a couple of fronts. Harmon has little cinema experience and is noted as a comedy writer. Furthermore, it tells fans that whatever reshoots involved, some new material that required a script are part of the process. Sometimes reshoots are done mostly for establishing shots or redoing small bits of dialogue. Whatever was added in additional photography here was new material to the movie.

The tone on Doctor Strange should be interesting. So far almost all of the material has focused on the arrogance of Strange, the devastation of his car wreck, and his spiritual conversion. The one moment of levity was the internet password gag in the first full trailer. Despite the serious tone of the trailers, Benedict Cumberbatch has been talking lately about how he wanted some modern humor injected into the character. Bringing in a comedy writer like Harmon is a sign that between dark dimensions and life-altering car accidents Marvel still wants to have some light moments in the film.

Harmon’s role in the movie brings to mind the masterstroke of bringing the Russos Brothers into the mix for MCU movies. They directed episodes on Harmon’s Community and made the transition from a low rated network comedy to the big screen with much acclaim. Hopefully, Harmon’s work will provide a nice addition to Doctor Strange, which is coming into the home stretch of post-production.

Does this make you more excited for the new Doctor Strange movie? We’ll all get to see Harmon’s work, as well as that of all the other contributors when the movie releases in North America on November 4th and much of the rest of the world October 28th.

Source: THR