Captain America: Civil War has been in theaters for nearly a month at this point, and I’m sure most, if not all, of you have seen it. With that being the said, it is safe to assume that we have cleared the spoiler warning portion of the internet. If you wanted to see Captain America: Civil War, you would have by now, but if you haven’t, the photos in the gallery above are not for you.

Artist Maceij Kuciara has posted some of the concept art he did for the film, where all but one take place during the films final act. There are not too many differences between what was shown on screen in comparison to the art, but there are a few that are interesting for either story purposes or simply because they are visually intriguing. Visually, the image of the long hallway with Iron Man, Cap, and Bucky walking side by side in the distance is great, but I also like the one of Cap scaling the side of an icy mountain. If the bicep helicopter shot was not enough to show his strength, a free-climb of a mountain would have done just that.

The piece with Zemo sitting in a room full of various screens with Bucky on them might be my favorite though. It shows a different version of what would have been the reveal of Tony’s parent’s deaths, I believe, and since Zemo was more of a technological wizard than traditionally, this would have fit. That said, I did like the way it was done in the movie where only Daniel Brühl‘s face can be seen. The final photo in the gallery above is part of the opening action sequence where Scarlet Witch throws Cap through the window. It was a great moment in the film and Kuciara’s depiction is even better.

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Captain America: Civil War is currently playing in theaters worldwide.

Source: Maciej Kuciara (via WGTC).