Sometime in September, it was announced by TVLine that Prince Caspian himself – Ben Barnes – was cast as a series regular in the upcoming Punisher series. While no role was announced, TVLine threw out the name Bobby Saint – a character from the Tom Jane Punisher film – as a potential role. Now Marvel has confirmed the role Barnes was cast in and it is no other than Frank Castle’s arch enemy – Billy Russo – also known as Jigsaw.

As you all know, Jigsaw was previously portrayed by The Wire’s Dominic West in Lexi Alexander‘s Punisher: War Zone a few yeas back. Ben Barnes is a great choice for this role. His crazy charm and good looks only strengthen the character’s descent into insanity once his face becomes all messed up. The Punisher is currently filming with no release date in sight. A good guess for the release date is late 2017.

Source: Marvel