Ever since Marvel Studios head-honcho Kevin Feige confirmed that the studio would be bringing Captain Marvel to life, fans have been eagerly awaiting casting news, curious who the studio would choose to portray Carol Danvers. There have been plenty of names tossed around – most notably, Emily Blunt – but the first real casting rumor surrounding the role only happened recently when Variety announced that Oscar winner Brie Larson was the front-runner for role, and that she was in talks with the studio. Since then, however, things have been rather quiet – until today, that is. It’s now official. Larson is, in fact, our Captain Marvel.

It was just announced today during Marvel’s Hall H panel that the actress has officially signed on for the role. For some, this casting may be a bit disappointing, especially given that Blunt had been rumored for the role for quite some time. However, Larson is a fantastic choice. Even though she’s built quite an impressive resume, it wasn’t until she landed an Oscar for her stellar performance in Room that the actress began to receive the acclaim she has long deserved. What’s most exciting about this choice is that Larson isn’t a safe choice like Blunt – who I was all for previously – would have been. Blunt was the expected choice, Larson is more of a left-field choice since she’d never actually been rumored for the role outside of fan suggestions. (Although, to be fair, once she won her Oscar, many speculated she’d be the actress Marvel would go for due to her rising status.)

Souce: Twitter.