Back in March while answering a few questions on his Facebook page, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn inadvertently let it slip that Marvel would not be attending SDCC this year. It was a rather big piece of news that managed to go unnoticed for a bit, until one of our writers managed to stumble upon it.

While we’d received no confirmation from Marvel on the news, Gunn has been incredibly honest with fans on social media since day one. Still, some fans were hopeful that Marvel would surprise everyone and make a showing at Hall H after-all. Sadly, it looks as though that won’t be happening.

Last night, Deadline finally confirmed what we’ve known for months: Marvel will not have a Hall H panel at SDCC this year.

This shouldn’t be too surprising. This is a D23 Expo year, and we still have NYCC coming up in October, which has gotten nearly as big as SDCC over these past couple of years. I’d expect to see Marvel have a big presence at both events this year, where they’ll be able to highlight their upcoming projects without having to compete with other brands at SDCC.

Then again, who knows? Maybe Marvel will surprise fans again and plan another event like the one they held last October to announce their upcoming Phase Three plans.

Source: Our original post and Deadline.