It was revealed two months ago that Crazy Rich Asian star Remy Hii had joined the cast of Spider-Man: Far From Home and like most of the new additions to the film, Hii’s role in the film was undisclosed and still is to this day. As with most MCU secrets, this mystery has led fans to speculate heavily on what his role is.

A “leak” on Reddit from a few months back alleged that Alistair Smythe, a villain who would go on to create the Spider-Slayers, would appear in the film as a young rival student to Peter. Initially, the prospect of Remy Hii as Smythe excited the Asian in me. Smythe reimagined as a young rival to Peter before his spider-slaying days, played by an up-and-coming Asian star was a bold take on what could otherwise be a bland villain. But as months flew by, this rumor seemed more and more untrue. While I no longer believe that Hii is Smythe, I still have a strong feeling that Hii will play a rival student to Peter. A rival student none other than Amadeus Cho.

For those who don’t know, Amadeus Cho is a Korean-American who is one of the eight smartest people in the entire Marvel Universe. He’s had a rich history interacting with several of the Avengers including Spider-Man and most notably, Hulk. Throughout his decade-long existence, Cho has been generally depicted as a teenager.

I know, it’s almost too obvious a choice given Hii’s Asian heritage but it works on a lot of levels. Amadeus Cho already has an established connection in the MCU: his mother in the comics is Helen Cho, who played a key role in Avengers: Age of Ultron (this relationship could be changed into a brother-sister one with no hitch). In the Ultimate Universe, Cho was hired by S.H.I.E.L.D. for his genius intellect to help them in their fight against Mysterio. This lines up with a few things we know about Spider-Man: Far From Home: Marvel was on the lookout for a new male lead actor playing a student that could rival Tom Holland, Nick Fury will return with Maria Hill alongside what looks like be S.H.I.E.L.D., Hii has been seen filming scenes alongside the cast of students and teachers touring Venice, and Mysterio will be the film’s big bad.

Here’s what I think could play out in Spider-Man: Far From Home: the film starts out Mysterio as an established villain wreaking havoc all across the world. He’s been allying himself with a few new villains and his villainous schemes and high-tech methods are improving at a rapid pace, baffling several of the world’s security apparatuses. Nick Fury gets word of Mysterio’s scheme to terrorize Europe and hatches up a plan to intercept him. He assigns one of the smartest individuals on the planet, Amadeus Cho, who has an immediate connection to S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers thanks to Helen Cho, the task of analyzing Mysterio and breaking down his methods. Fury provides Cho the resources to pose as a Midtown High School student on a class trip to Europe. For Peter, Cho’s just the latest know-it-all kid in class hogging up attention. For Cho, he’s there to assist S.H.I.E.L.D. make one of the biggest criminal takedowns in history.

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