When it was announced that the Secret Warriors would be making their way onto Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. in season 3, we knew that this would help continue the Inhumans story thread. We then learned that Lash, an Inhumans hunter of sorts, would be appearing this season and certainly wreaking havoc for S.H.I.E.L.D.

Lash was introduced in the season premiere but it was only a small glimpse of what could come. Now that we’re four episodes in, the show has started to peel back the layers of Lash and giving us a few more hints at the character each week. The biggest one came near the end of last week’s episode when we discovered that Lash had the ability to change to a human form.

The big mystery is, we have no idea who Lash really is. There was only a shadow shown of the transformation, so it’s impossible to get a good idea who it could be. However, that’s not gonna stop me from trying. Here are a couple possible characters that could turn out being the real identity behind Lash.

Dr. Andrew Garner

Now I know what some of you are thinking, “That’s impossible! Andrew was killed by Hydra!” But are you so sure? What we do know is Ward ordered his goons to kill him and blow up the store he was in. What happened though? We saw one foot with blood on the floor and the newest Hydra recruit, Werner Von Strucker, fleeing the scene as scared as could be.

If Hydra had killed Garner, how is it that Werner was the only one to make it out alive? The more likely scenario would be, if our theory is true, that as Hydra came to attack him, Garner transformed into Lash and took down the Hydra members, with Werner fleeing in the process.

But if you still think it’s impossible for Andrew Garner to survive that episode, the cast for episode 6 may have left a huge clue as to what his future is. Obviously, this could be merely in a flashback scene, but it could also be that this is when we find out that he’s actually Lash.

Adding to this theory is that Andrew has all the resources at his disposal to find new Inhumans, determine if they are worthy, and more. Just think, he knew S.H.I.E.L.D. was going after Dwight Frye last week. He would be able to track them down, kill Frye, and it would explain why he wouldn’t attack Daisy with the two of them growing closer this season.

A.T.C.U. Agent Banks

Our theory about Andrew is Lash has a lot of decent evidence to point towards it being true. This next one with Banks, is basically the opposite. We know absolutely nothing about Banks from the A.T.C.U. His character is shrouded in mystery but he would seem to fit the build of the human form of Lash.

Banks’ involvement with the A.T.C.U. would certainly help him know about Inhumans, and he was even there when they went to take Frye. However, when Mack and Daisy join A.T.C.U. to bring in Frye, Blake is nowhere to be found. They even joke that they’re stalling so he could clean up their base. But maybe he was actually waiting for them to pass by, that would explain how Lash was standing on the exact bridge that a secret government agency would take to get to their secret government base.

The details certainly aren’t as concrete, but this is a theory that would not surprise me if it were to come true. The biggest fault in this theory would be how Banks determines which Inhumans to hunt down as Lash or as a member of A.T.C.U.

Gideon Malick

This one is 100% speculation since we have yet to even see Gideon Malick on screen. However, when it was announced that Powers Boothe would be joining the cast of S.H.I.E.L.D. as Malick, here is what Jeph Loeb had to say about his character,

Gideon is incredibly menacing and in him we have a character that even the stone-cold Grant Ward would fear. Only someone of Powers’ caliber could deliver the type of ominous and powerful performance we needed.

Loeb describing Gideon as menacing, powerful, and ominous would certainly fit the bill as to what Lash is. It was also described that his character’s loyalties remain a mystery, and if he was Lash, he certainly wouldn’t show his cards.

The interesting thing about all of this is Blair Underwood, Andrew Howard, and Powers Boothe are all set to be in the 6th episode of the season. So if any of these three theories turn out to be true, we could get an answer in that episode.

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