Every time a new piece of the MCU gets revealed the audience scrambles to find the small bits of information put forth that may point to another…or upcoming…or unrevealed…parts of the MCU (such as in this MCU Exchange article). Doctor Strange has provided quite a large landscape to hunt for these Easter Eggs, and fans have been dissecting the scenes with what seems like frame-by-frame precision.

Possible Easter Egg #1

One short event that seems to be drawing a very large amount of the speculation is the…pregnant pausePHONE CALL. This very short rundown of potential patients seems to have piqued the interest of many, many, MANY audience members who have focused primarily on if the soldier hurt in the armor was James Rhodes. Director Scott Derrickson has said that it is not (but why it wasn’t that poor sap in Hammer’s prototype armor shown in Iron Man 2 hasn’t really been answered to my satisfaction yet).

But lately, some speculation has moved to the last potential patient on the good doctor’s list. The one described as a “22 year-old female with an electronic implant in her brain to control schizophrenia – struck by lightning.” Setting aside that this has absolutely nothing to do with the established comics origin of the character, there has been much theorizing (as noted in this MCU Exchange piece) that this young woman could be Carol Danvers, the alter ego of the titular star of Captain Marvel.

However, over at Screen Rant, their speculation has moved into another direction that doesn’t tie the films together as much as it ties the TV portion to the films, specifically the Netflix corner of the MCU-TV realm: Typhoid Mary, Daredevil villain, and employee of the Kingpin.


The Screen Rant speculator goes on to say that if the line does actually reference someone we’ll see (as opposed to just a throwaway line), there’s no point altering the origin of a well-known character, better to line up the qualities of an existing one:

Making the assumption that Strange is referencing an existing character whose comic book form is actually suffering from schizophrenia or a mental disorder, the search gets easier, since there aren’t actually all that many to choose from. The leading candidate is a girl by the name of Mary Walker – follow us along, and see if you can spot the similarities and potential for yourself. In the comics, Mary Walker is a normal young woman caught up in the world of New York’s crime world, working in a brothel frequented by the criminal community – until a terrible accident sees her left for dead.

But Mary survives, fracturing her mind into three distinct personalities: Mary, the timid, shy product of a childhood of abuse, Typhoid, a sensual, risk-taking and violent femme fatale, and Bloody Mary, a savagely violent and man-hating woman who pushes her new telekinetic/psychic/pyromancy skills to their limits.

Does that sound like a character who would fit in nicely with the gritty, sweaty, bloody, morally bereft avenues of the New York featured on the Netflix shows? Thematically, it seems to fit.

The fact that Typhoid Mary was introduced as a victim-villain during [Frank] Miller’s Daredevil run has made her a top candidate among fans for a role in the hero’s Netflix series (even setting aside the fact that she’s typically one of Kingpin’s main assassins). Keep in mind, Miller’s game-changing run on Daredevil also saw the emergence of Elektra, Kingpin’s rise to a truly chilling nemesis, the introduction of Stick to Matt Murdock’s origin story, and even the villainous ninjas known as The Hand – all of which have now been adapted into the very DNA of the Daredevil universe. And that universe is getting bigger by the day, with other Netflix shows Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and the upcoming Iron Fist fleshing out Marvel’s version of New York City.

It’s decent enough speculation to warrant hope that MCU TV/Film crossover the audience has been hoping for may have been put right there in front of us.

Possible Easter Egg #2

The second possible Easter Egg is a quick sighting from @StarvinMarvel’s Twitter feed (with AoS VFX Supervisor following up).

The speculation about the potential connection between the mystic worlds introduced in Doctor Strange and the use of the Darkhold on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. have been rampant since the first mention of the book (like in this MCU Exchange feature). Instead, the primary book in question in the film is the Book of Cagliostro (which, as noted in that previous piece, was compiled using knowledge from the Darkhold) but, as is pointed out in that tweet, there’s a book missing in the Ancient One’s special book rack.


If everything is connected it does seem to stand to reason that a missing book creating havoc in LA wouldn’t have gone unnoticed by Earth’s Sorcerer Supreme, right? Or her diligent librarian. It will be interesting to see how they move forward on this if they do at all.

So, just some fun speculation as Doctor Strange has now had the benefit of multiple viewings and ponderings by…let’s say enthusiastic…fans (such fans are easily spotted when you are one). What do you think of these musings? Any merit? Have any of your own? Let us know below!

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