If you have been following the site for some time, you may have noticed some common phrasing at the start of some headlines. We have our “One-Shots” that give a quick opinion about an ongoing Marvel topic such as casting, a trailer, or rumors. We also have articles like “Journey Into Mystery” where we get into a bit more of the unknown and speculate, and then there are some like the one you are reading now “Connecting Imaginary Dots.” In these articles, we look at bits of information that are out there and connect them to one another and see if anything sticks. More times than not, they are imaginary dots by the time everything is said and done, but it is still fun to try and piece together information.

Today, some speculation has started to spread online surrounding actor Justin Kucsulain‘s recent postings. The first piece of evidence comes courtesy of the following post from Kucsulain himself.

Now this could be absolutely nothing or maybe he just a big fan of the character, but what if Marvel is actually looking to bring Sentry aka Robert Reynolds to the big screen? Sentry is a very complex character that could be perfect for Kucsulain to play. He has most recently appeared in Bloodline and The Walking Dead, but also a small role in Iron Man 3 as simply “guard.” If you are not familiar with his work, after this post, a fan posted a picture of him next to a photoshopped version of him as Sentry that is pretty convincing.

Kucsulain certainly has the look to play Sentry but the question is where and how? With him being a relatively new actor that has not yet had that breakout role yet, one idea that may actually be plausible is bringing him on to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. They killed off or lost quite a few of the regular cast members throughout season three and need more bodies for the fourth season, and bringing another Marvel character to the screen would be awesome. One of those characters that left was Lincoln (Luke Mitchell) and the thing that always interested me most about him was his past and his struggles with alcoholism. Sentry is similar in that way if they follow along with his first solo series and go into his similarities to addicts. He could fill that void and bring a new dynamic to the show that would be hard to watch, but also a chance to root for a turn around.

With this being the only evidence pointing towards Sentry making his way into the MCU in the near future, do not get too excited about this being a possibility just yet. If this is a real thing and develops more, we will keep you updated. Until that point, let us know what you think in the comments below!