Since the arrival of the Inhumans trailer a few weeks back, many MCU fans are holding their breath on what to expect for the next Marvel property to hit broadcast television. It would be fair to say that the trailer has received mixed reviews at best. However, the way that Marvel/ABC plan to kick off the series is still very unique and there’s something to be said for that. Inhumans will debut in IMAX theaters on September 1 for a two week run before it makes its broadcast debut September 29 on ABC. Considering the first two episodes have been combined into an 80 minute IMAX feature, it’s worth exploring what we can expect from the opening chapter of the Inhuman part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Isabelle Cornish, who plays Medusa’s sister Crystal, had this to say about the Inhumans IMAX feature:

“It’s just really introducing us as a family and discovering the characters in the first 2 episodes. Seeing how we all mix together, how we intertwine, the different powers we all have. I mean, its such a large family. We’re essentially cousins. To have cousins that are brothers, its kinda cool and different.”

If we’re to take anything from this, it seems as though the IMAX feature/first two episodes is more of a place setter for the 8 episode run that starts on September 29. Showrunner Scott Buck has also gone on record multiple times stating that the show will remained “grounded”. It will be very interesting to see how one of Marvel’s most unique properties is to remain “grounded” considering nothing about the Inhumans have ever really been grounded in the comics. For example, the aforementioned Crystal has the ability to control elements including air, electricity, fire, metal, and weather. She also has the ability to fly. Keeping this series grounded and also keeping traditional fans of the comic book series interested will be Buck’s biggest challenge.

In terms of the series debut, it is worth noting that if you won’t be able to catch the Inhumans IMAX feature in theaters, the first two episodes will be aired on ABC as part of the 8 episode run. What will be compelling to see is if there will be certain scenes added and cut from the first two episodes due to the difference between the IMAX and television experience. Expect more news and probably a final trailer for Inhumans in the coming days and weeks as September 1 approaches.