Earlier this year, when OK! Magazine posted an exclusive stating that Marvel was going after Angelina Jolie to direct Captain Marvel, my first reaction was to laugh it off. Marvel is known for being cheap when it comes to hiring talent both in front of the camera and behind the camera, and at the time, they claimed Marvel had offered her a massive $20 million to direct the film.

We know that Marvel is looking at female directors for the project, and rumors have been suggesting they’ve narrowed it down to a couple of directors, with the expectation that we’d have a name (or names) by the summer but we haven’t heard any of the names being considered until today. Per Collider, they are hearing that Jolie is actually in consideration for the Captain Marvel directing gig at Marvel, while also being courted by Warner Bros. to direct Wonder Woman.

Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman just lost director Michelle MacLaren, and Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel hasn’t named a director yet. A couple months ago, it was reported that Angelina Jolie was circling Captain Marvel, and we now have confirmation that she’s definitely under consideration for the job. We’re also hearing that there’s the possibility she could direct Wonder Woman now that MacLaren has left the project. Only one studio can get Jolie since Wonder Woman is due in 2017 and Captain Marvel is coming in 2018.

There are also the obvious questions of whether she wants to do either movie. She’s currently attached to direct Africa starring Brad Pitt, but while production was poised to get underway this summer, that project may be falling apart over financing issues. If it does, her schedule is wide open to direct Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman.

Now, I like Jolie. I do. She’s a fantastic actress, but I’ve yet to watch either of the films that she has directed, so I’m not familiar with her directing style. What I do know is that she offers a big name that both projects could benefit from. While Wonder Woman is admittedly more well-known, with MacLaren exiting the film, that’s easily going to make fans question the state of the project. Warner Bros. bringing in Jolie for Wonder Woman could possibly ease those fears. While, with Captain Marvel, Jolie would be a big name to garner more interest. Unlike Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel (well, Carol as Captain Marvel) doesn’t carry as much recognition among the general public. Bringing Jolie in to direct could change that.

As of right now, Collider seems to be the only site reporting this, so I’d take it with a grain of salt, but it’s looking like that ridiculous rumor from OK! Magazine last year isn’t actually that ridiculous. Go figure.

Update: The Wonder Woman movie has found a new director, and it wasn’t Jolie. The Hollywood Reporter also makes no mention of her ever being in the running before they signed on Jenkins, so again, take this Jolie in the running for Captain Marvel rumor as just that — a rumor.

Source: Collider.