Ever since Cloak & Dagger was announced as a new show on ABC’s Freeform channel, which was mostly known for skewing towards women and young teenagers, many were worried and skeptical. However, these reviews of the first four episodes seem to be relatively positive about how it avoids the typical Freeform tone, but still plagued with common criticisms of recent Marvel shows, such as sluggish story momentum. But, it was also praised for the cast including the two leads, Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt, and how the setting of New Orleans was used well in elevating the story and characters.

“Marvel TV’s new Freeform drama is in no hurry to get to its eponymous superheroes, but stars Olivia Holt and Aubrey Joseph are solid, and creator Joe Pokaski has an interesting approach to storytelling.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“Without question, it can be said Cloak & Dagger plays right into the hand of the audience it’s gaming for. This is one of the darkest and moodiest YA series to ever YA. While pairing nicely in tone with the likes of Siren, it pushes the boundaries of what Freeform can be so much further.” – Forbes

“Despite the black-and-white nature of their powers, this is not a series that deals with black-and-white issues. The nuanced performances allow the characters to convey that complexity without having to say a word. Make no mistake, Holt and Joseph are phenomenal.” – Laughing Place

“Though the premiere leans a little more on telling rather than showing its New Orleans setting, Pokaski and Prince-Bythewood have a clear vision for what kind of story they want to tell and, together with two impressive young leads in Joseph and Holt, manage to deliver a gritty, grounded Marvel show that feels more authentic than any of its previous offerings.” – Newsarama

“The magical thing about Cloak and Dagger, which may or may not actually bring together Aubrey Joseph as Tyrone and Olivia Holt as Tandy, is that it manages to find the sweet spot between mystery, romance, and realism.” – Marvel News Desk

“Tackling a variety of relatable subjects while embracing the thrill of discovering new powers, Cloak & Dagger delivers an emotionally honest and surprisingly resonant premiere. The pacing can feel a bit slower than one might expect or want from a superhero TV show, but thanks to the the drama, effects, mystery and chemistry between the main protagonists, the premiere builds a solid foundation for Marvel’s newest series.” – IGN

“Raw, emotional, and completely unique, Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger might just be the most surprising new series of the summer.” – Comicbook.com

“I’m pessimistic and optimistic about Cloak & Dagger, and hope the show’s openhearted thoughtfulness can energize its rather bargain-bin super-mythology.”  – Entertainment Weekly

It’s encouraging to see that this show is being received positively, especially the chemistry between the two leads and the overall tone of the show. Albeit, it is only the first four (or two) episodes being reviewed.

Cloak & Dagger debuts June 7th on Freeform.