Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the titular character in Marvel’s latest film, Doctor Strange, told Reuters at the London premiere of the film that, like the comics before them, the new movie moves the fictional universe in a new and exciting direction. A magical one, and not necessarily a scientific one. Referring to the original comics and their parallel to the MCU Cumberbatch said,

“It was a real left turn for the comic universe, let alone the cinematic one. It was very dark and mischievous and psychedelic and otherworldly and to try and replicate that in modern cinema is one of the great challenges…It does feel like a new chapter for Marvel and it’s definitely a new direction for me and I definitely enjoyed playing this character so if people are enjoying it then we’ve done something right,

Indeed, the film is garnering many positive early reviews that not only highlight the plot, story, and acting, but also the stunning visuals that take great pains to replicate, in spirit if not in actuality, the 1960’s psychedelic panels found the original comics. This move towards the visual and metaphysical is something that Cumberbatch’s co-star, Rachel McAdams, who plays Strange’s colleague in the film, commented on at the premiere as well.

It’s toying with a lot of new things like parallel universes and kind of philosophical ideas and working on a deeper level … the metaphysical is just a whole new world that’s opened up for Marvel.

The film hits US theaters on November 4. What do you think of this new direction the MCU seems to be heading in? Let’s hear from you in the comments below!