D23 is a massive event for Disney fans. The event already teased the various projects throughout the weekend with short snippets in sizzle reels. We already got small glimpses at Marvel Studios upcoming film Black Widow during SDCC. Luckily, during the Disney Studios panel at D23, Kevin Feige got up on stage and presented the world with more footage from the upcoming film that gave visitors a good look at what kind of action they can expect from Marvel Studios next venture. Most of it was footage was rehashed from SDCC but it seems they added some new elements for the attendees.

The interesting addition is the confirmation that we will see Red Guardian in action during the film. David Harbour is playing the character so either it was just a scene between him and Natasha or he may have a successor that took over his mantle. The constant teases of Taskmaster are getting me hyped for the film so hopefully, we will also get a trailer sooner rather than later that highlights his abilities. We still have some time to go before the film hits theatres. Marvel Studios is currently working on quite a few projects as while we only get two cinematic releases next year. Black Widow has the potential to have Marvel Studios make use of the current hype surrounding the Mission Impossible franchise. The character has no powers so they can get creative with practical effects and stunts.

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