There is still some time until Black Widow is released in theatres next year in May. Some footage and a piece of artwork were showcased during SDCC to offer some small glimpses at what is to come. Anyone lucky enough to attend D23’s Disney Studios panel got another first look at some footage featuring the titular hero. It seems that was not all as Marvel Studios has now handed out an official poster for the upcoming film featuring quite a closer look at Scarlett Johansson‘s new costume, Taskmaster’s face helmet, David Harbour in his Red Guardian armor and Yelena Belova among what seems to be other Red Room members.

Andy Park‘s artwork and contribution to the MCU really should get more attention. This artwork is absolutely stunning. Hopefully, we get some more of his amazing artwork as teaser posters in the future as they really make the MCU stick out just that bit more. Still, this poster has quite a lot to unwrap and start with the biggest surprise. I assumed that Dave Harbour would not be in costume for the film going by the rather short comments left on his appearance in some of D23’s footage. Yet, here we have the confirmation and he does look amazing as a Russian Captain America. Perhaps they have more plans for him in the future and would love to see this character have a larger role in the MCU moving forward.

Nat’s costume looks fantastic as they went with a completely different color scheme this time around. Avengers: Infinity War already mixed up her classic colors and hope to see if this new costume also gives her some new technology to play around with. Yelena Belova seems to be standing among a group of Red Room spies so Nat will probably face an army of them at some point in the film. It will be interesting to see how she ends up potentially on Black Widow’s side of the conflict. Last but certainly not least, I adore that closer look at the Taskmaster helmet. The first piece of artwork didn’t show many details but this confirms that his helmet does indeed have skull-inspired teeth. So far I am quite excited to see this incarnation of the character on screen and really hope he will also have a larger role within the MCU. Maybe he will even have to meet Deadpool at one point but who knows what they are planning for now.

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Source: Twitter