D23 has offered quite a lot of interesting tidbits that are still making their way online. After one of the directors behind the major upcoming project Avengers: Infinity War teased an interesting dynamic between Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, we once again received another tease for what is to come. This time, Dave Bautista, shared another great match up that we can expect from two unlikely characters. He also offered some small hints at the first interaction between the Guardians and Avengers actors, his admiration for Robert Downey Jr. and his worries about the Russo Bros. taking control of the Guardians.

The first thing they talked about was one of the first scenes shown in the Infinity War trailer, the first time the Guardians meet one of the Avengers. He highlights the fun they had seeing Chris Hemsworth having to bash into the windshield of the Milano and how down to earth the actor was. One interesting tidbit was the fact that Star-Lord’s insecurities might face their greatest threat in the massive ego that is Thor. Being able to play off of Hemsworth‘s over-the-top Thor is not the only match up that he was looking forward to.

“Robert Downey Jr.’s been on a pedestal with me since I’ve been a young man. I’ve always admired him, been a fan. I said for years and years, I hope the crossover happens because I thought that Drax would have such great interaction with Tony Stark. It all came to fruition and it is going to happen. It is good, really good. Better than I thought it would ever be.”

It is great to see the actors excitement and Bautista talks about his first meeting with Tony Stark, Robert Downey Jr., and how it made their chemistry on screen work very well. One thing he did worry about was how the Guardians would translate into the overall universe, while also having brand new directors taking control. He believes the Russo Bros. were able to translate James Gunn‘s unique style on the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise to Infinity War. He points out that they were allowed to stick to what they knew and reveals that Gunn did write a few parts that involved them. This all makes a lot of sense with earlier statements that he would oversee the cosmic side of the universe that he has breathed life into.

What do you think? How will these two very unlikely characters interact?  Can you stand the anticipation of the first Infinity War trailer?  Do you think it will release this weekend?