Marvel Studios isn’t shy of taking center-stage to make big announcements. Their announcements come with pomp and circumstance, usually at San Diego Comic-Con, or the more Disney-centric D23 Expo, in Anaheim, California. This expo is a celebration of all things Disney that occurs every two years. This summer, there are two portions of D23 of interest to fans of the MCU.

On July 14, Disney will honor new legends in their Disney Legends Awards Ceremony, where Marvel legend (and cameo actor) Stan Lee will be given the official title of Disney Legend. While nobody needed to tell Marvel fans that Lee is a legend, what we do need to hear is the plan for Marvel Studios beyond Phase 3. This could come​ on Saturday, July 15, when the D23 Expo includes Marvel Studios in their Live-Action Panel.

The Walt Disney Studios Live-Action Films (10:30 a.m.) ––The wonderful worlds of Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm come together to showcase their exciting slate of upcoming films. At D23 Expo 2015, we got our first glimpses at Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Beauty and the Beast, Doctor Strange, and more fan favorites… We can’t wait to see what’s on deck for this year’s presentation!

We don’t know about any new characters for Marvel to introduce at this panel, though they could use the opportunity to hype (or even show some footage from) Black Panther, which has already wrapped filming. We could get more information regarding Captain Marvel, which will begin filming in 2018. Or Marvel could surprise us with something completely new and unexpected, as we move into the future of the MCU.

Marvel Studios will follow-up with a panel of their own at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, the following week. In 2015, the studio skipped San Diego Comic-Con, which is only one week and a two-hour drive away from the D23 Expo, so perhaps their announcements will be so large that they need two main stages in order to tell us everything!

What big news do you think Marvel has in store for fans this summer? Let us know, in the comments. Meanwhile, we’ll keep you up to date with all of Marvel’s plans, right here.

Source: D23