Without a doubt, Marvel Studios’ biggest splash at last weekend’s D23 was the Disney+ presentation. We got a slew of new and exciting announcements, not limited to the Moon Knight, ***She-Hulk, and Ms. Marvel shows. Lucky fans who got to attend got this super sweet exclusive The Falcon & the Winter Soldier poster. A poster that gives a first look at what the titular heroes are going to look like. Check it out!!

So it’s kind of hard to tell whether that Sam’s new white duds has any more of Cap’s blue colors on it. He doesn’t have the shield in this artwork so this might not even be his final form. Anthony Mackie recently revealed that Sam won’t necessarily be taking the name of Captain America but instead will continue on as Falcon with Cap’s shield, living up to his best friend’s ideals. With that in mind, this suit could be the suit he wears all throughout the show.

As for Bucky’s new look, it’s pretty badass. It’s really nice to see Bucky slowly resemble the classic look he had. Last time Bucky had short hair was WW2. Overall, this gets us super hyped for the show, on top of the exciting Wyatt Russell casting news.

Source: D23