As most of you know, Avengers: Infinity War has blown up the D23 Expo this year. We’ve gotten teases of a new trailer, hopefully set to debut to the public this week at San Diego Comic Con, new concept art featuring the Mad Titan himself, as well as our first look at the Black Order in the film. It’s been a crazy couple of days, and it doesn’t look like it’ll slow down any time soon. Following Marvel Studios’ presentation at the Expo, Thanos himself, Josh Brolin, sat down with Good Morning America to discuss the villain’s thirst for power, as well as clarify how many Infinity Stones the Mad Titan currently has his hands on. Check out a clip from the interview below:

So first off, this interview makes it clear that at the beginning of the film at least, Thanos isn’t in possession of all of the Infinity Stones. Not yet at least. We’re betting it won’t take him long to obtain the rest though, because according to Brolin, Thanos is always pining for another one. While it’s inevitable that Thanos will eventually get his hands on all six Stones, judging from Brolin’s comments, it sounds like it won’t be until at least the beginning of the untitled fourth Avengers film. That’s no surprise however, as we’ve been speculating for months that the plot of Infinity War will mostly revolve around Thanos’ quest to acquire all six Infinity Stones, while the untitled fourth Avengers will focus on the Avengers’ desperate fight against the Mad Titan for the fate of the Earth. We know that he’ll get them at some point in the film, but we don’t know exactly how, especially given the fact that the stones are currently scattered throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In case you don’t remember where all of them currently are, you can check out a quick little refresher course I wrote up a few months back right here.

So while our suspicions on the general plot structure for the two upcoming Avengers films have seemingly been confirmed, we still don’t know how the films will ultimately play out, and apparently neither does Brolin. In the same interview, he states that he doesn’t know whether or not Thanos will acquire all of the stones because he hasn’t read the script for the next film. Shooting just wrapped on Infinity War, and production for the next film will begin within the next couple of weeks. However, the script is apparently still undergoing some revisions even as the cast and crew prepare to start production. This isn’t uncommon though, as director Joss Whedon continuously revised and edited the script of the original Avengers all throughout production, even writing and rewriting scenes during lunch breaks during shooting. So the fact that Brolin hasn’t read the script seems to be Marvel playing it close to the vest at this point.

What are your thoughts? Have any mind-blowing theories as to how Thanos will snatch up the rest of the Infinity Stones? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Good Morning America