D23 is upon us and the Disney+ panel revealed a lot of exciting details for upcoming Disney and MCU shows. It has been recently confirmed in the panel that Loki will be a six-hour series. Michael Walter, the series’ head writer, revealed on stage that the series is set to explore the God of Mischief making friends and possibly having the sun shine on him again which is a reference to his line from Avengers Infinity War.

Tom Hiddleston, who is not present in the panel, sent out a video message to the fans which explains his ‘boundless enthusiasm’ for the series and he promises that the journey has “only just begun.”

“I wish that I could be there with you but I can’t,” he said. “It’s your boundless enthusiasm and your support that means Loki still has more story left to tell. It will never stop surprising and delighting me that you think he’s cool…” 

In other news, Kate Herron, director of Netflix’s Sex Education, is set to direct the Disney+ series. Herron is known to handle the comedy genre well and it will be intriguing to see how she handles the God of Mischief’s travel through history. We can expect to see this version of Loki to flesh out his humorous side as he belts out his mischief through time.

Fans can catch Loki and his mischievous adventures on Disney+ when it premieres on the Spring of 2021.

Source: Slash Film , Comicbook