Here is an interesting detail from D23. Some eagle-eyed visitors have noticed a mural that highlights all the recently announced projects for Phase 4. We get a good shot of Loki, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, and more. What sticks out, however, is a good look at a Celestial that will be part of The Eternals and Jeffrey Wright‘s The Watcher from the Disney+ What If series. We got a short glimpse of the Celestials in the released artwork during SDCC 2019 but this gives us a great look at another member of the MCU’s most ancient race.

The most interesting revelation comes from the fact that their choice of design for the Watcher seems to remain with their live-action variant. We already met the race of the Watchers back in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 who were discussing Stan Lee‘s experiences throughout the Marvel movies. One key difference that makes the Disney+ What If stand out among the rest of Phase 4 is that it is an animated series. As such, we kind of assumed that the Watcher would also be animated.

This may have confirmed that the “host” segments of the show will take place in the actual live-action MCU. We may even get to visit the Watcher’s vault where he will lead us directly into the various episodes of alternative realities. This is actually quite an interesting reveal if we consider the show is an important part of the fourth phase. We may see more of Wright‘s Watcher in the MCU outside of this show. It would make sense to see him appear in Doctor Strange into the Multiverse of MAdness given the What If show’s premise.

What do you think of the mural?

Source: Twitter