There were a lot of hopes to see some new Disney+ series announced at D23. We already had quite a few lined up for Phase 4 during the SDCC panel so the assumption was that we would mainly focus on already announced series. Yet Kevin Feige proved that he always has a plan far into the future as a slew of brand new Disney+ series have been confirmed for the streaming platform. Among them is a fan favorite that has been hotely anticipated for quite some time. Moon Knight is finally heading to the MCU, as the official logo was also revealed.

This announcement is huge. Marc Spector was a character many wanted to see join the MCU especially with his unique take on multiple personalities. It is unclear who will be playing the character or even when we can expect the show to air but it most likely won’t be before 2021. There is also the uncertainty if they will be making an R-rated series with the character as he is famous as part of the darker Marvel Knights line-up. Still, it will be exciting to see what they have planned for the character and if he may even be connected to the upcoming Blade film in some manner.

Did you expect a Moon Knight announcement?

Source: Twitter