Sadly, not every news piece coming out of D23 can be great, as Bruce Banner actor, Mark Ruffalo, was asked on the possibility of seeing his character get his very own Hulk film. It is a good question, as one of the starting points for the franchise was The Incredible Hulk, which while some act as if it is not part of the universe, did introduce two important characters of the MCU. General Ross and Bruce Banner got their time to shine in this film, even if Edward Norton was playing the character at the time. Even with the re-casting of Banner, it did not take long for fans to adore Ruffalo‘s take on the character and many hoped that we could see him lead his very own film.

A standalone Hulk movie will never happen. Because Universal has the rights to a standalone Hulk movie and for some reason, they do not know how to play well with Marvel.

While he makes this statement, the actor does not seem spiteful in anyway, but still disappointed that he will not get the chance to further explore the character outside of crossovers with others. Now, this also doe snot mean there truly is no hope for this ever to happen, as many believed this would also be the fact with Spider-Man, but somehow Marvel Studios managed to convince Sony to allow the character to return to his rightful home. Given Sony’s success with the new film, it may open up the possibility to renegotiate the rights for the character and one day get a standalone Hulk film made. Luckily, Marvel was creative and brought elements from the characters famous Planet Hulk storyline into Thor: Ragnarok, which will feature the character heavily.

What are your thoughts on the matter? If Marvel Studios did get the rights back, what storyline would you want to see adapted?