WandaVision is certainly shaping up to be one of Marvel’s most intriguing, and likely weirdest, upcoming projects – and this brand new poster straight out of D23 is doing nothing to change that. The poster shows Wanda and Vision sitting in a very 50s-inspired home – but things aren’t as idyllic as they might seem. Kevin Feige described the series yesterday as being a mix of a sitcom and MCU spectacle, and this poster certainly gives off that vibe. Check it out below!

Notably, the couple’s TV is glowing red, there’s an ominous shadow climbing the wall (is that Wanda’s comic headpiece?), and the world appears to be half in black and white – all adding credence to the theory that this life is actually a creation of Wanda’s reality-warping powers. And given Elizabeth Olsen will be reprising her role in the upcoming Doctor Strange sequel, a direct tie-in with the show, this likely won’t end well. Could we be heading towards a House of M situation? Too early to tell, but it’d certainly be cool!

Its also nice to get confirmation that Paul Bettany’s Vision will – at least for some of the series – be inhabiting his human form, which makes sense given Wanda is likely behind his resurrection. And on the subject of Vision, the suburban setting is very reminiscent of Tom King’s Vision run – and we all know how that happy family situation turned out!

UPDATE: Thanks to the full image, we can also see Vision’s silhouette in the background – including some sort of stone in his forehead! Whether that’s the mind stone, an alternative, or just a red herring remains to be seen, but hopefully it means we’ll be seeing Vision in his regular form as well.

The poster also possibly explains that somewhat divisive title for the series – this appears to literally be Wanda’s ‘vision’ of the perfect life for the pair, hence the TV also glowing red, and the shadow of what looks to be Wanda’s comic costume behind her. It’s certainly some clever wordplay on Marvel’s part.

Personally, I love the trippy and surreal aesthetic Marvel looks to be leaning towards for this show – but what do you think? Let us know below!

Source: Twitter