As much as all of us have loved the MCU since it’s debut in 2008, there are always certain scenarios that could’ve gone one of many different ways. Marvel Studios at SDCC announced an entire series pertaining to those alternate possibilities, What If…?, and today at D23 we are getting more details pertaining to the new Marvel Disney+ show! The show is going to contain 23 episodes, which for those of you keeping count at home, marks one for every film in Marvel’s Infinity Saga!

The special preview at D23 showed some absolutely mind-blowing potential scenes that the series will explore throughout this series. Fans were shown a clip of Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter undergoing the supersoldier process to become Captain Carter, along with Steve Rogers partnering up with her in armor resembling the OG Iron Man suit! There were other teases that included a zombie Cap and what seems to be T’Challa as Star-Lord.

With 23 movies to cover, and knowing the vast majority of the actors and actresses in the MCU will be reprising their roles, the ideas that could come out of this series are absolutely endless. Jeffrey Wright will be taking us on this unprecedented journey into the MCU as the Watcher, and now we count down the days to find out what new alternate stories Marvel will be showing us!

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