Images of Damion Poitier filming a scene in what appears to be the set of Captain America: Civil War have surfaced online. For those who aren’t aware, Poitier first appeared in The Avengers as Thanos, making this Civil War appearance the second time in the MCU for the actor/stuntman.

We could only guess who he’s playing or what he’s up to. Based on the super cool set pics which made the rounds earlier this month, the assumption is that Poitier’s scene is set in the same African market where all those fight scenes happened.

Aside from playing character roles, it’s worth noting Damion Potier also happens to be a professional stuntman so this scene could very well be a stunt scene. However, it’s also worth noting that back in July of 2014, Poitier went on the record stating that he and Marvel have been in talks of an undisclosed role. Now July 2014 may seem so far back to where we are now but given how these films were in development for God knows how long, this could be the role Poitier was talking about. If this is indeed that role, it may be meatier that we expect it to be considering how early it was set.

As of this writing, Poitier has been reached out to by a fan via Facebook but has declined to divulge any info. Whoever he’s playing, it is very cool to see the former Mad Titan once again in the MCU.

Credits go to the users of for finding the photos. Captain America: Civil War is set to hit US theaters May 2016.