It’s always great to see people behind the MCU rise through the ranks of the company. We’ve seen associate producers rise up to become full-on executive producers for the studio’s biggest movies and now, even the VFX team will be getting their due. Two-time Oscar nominee and longtime Marvel Studios VFX Supervisor, Dan DeLeeuw, revealed that he will be directing the second unit of Marvel Studios’ The Eternals In an interview with, he shared the exciting news.

I’m directing second unit on Eternals now. I’m going to stay with the Marvel family since it’s a lot of fun. It’s fun playing with superheroes.

For those who aren’t aware, 2nd unit directors are in charge of filming scenes not filmed by the main unit – led by Chloe Zhao for this movie – which includes, but not limited to, action sequences that don’t include the main cast, establishing shots, close-ups, and whatnot.

DeLeeuw worked as the VFX Supervisor on several films for Marvel Studios which includes Iron Man 3,  Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers Infinity War, and the all time leader of the box office, Avengers Endgame. He was also recently nominated this year at the Academy Awards for his work on Avengers Infinity War under the category of Best Achievement in Visual Effects. It is a safe bet that The Eternals is in good hands.

Source: Comicbook