You gotta love Danai Gurira. She consistently is one of the best parts of the The Walking Dead, a show that’s been inconsistent in its greatness these past few seasons. She’s an incredible actress in her own right, garnering a bunch of acting awards for her indie work. And she’s playing a freaking Wakandan warrior (bald head and everything!!) in next year’s Black Panther, which she just wrapped for according to a tweet she put out yesterday.

Yep. We’re entering that point in the production where cast members are slowly completing their scenes. Feels like only yesterday that they announced her casting on stage back in SDCCC. Basing it from what happened with Thor: Ragnarok, a movie that finished principal photography several months before its premiere date, it’s safe to assume that Black Panther will be finishing photography real soon, giving T’Challa himself some free time to head to the Avengers: Infinity War set to fend Wakanda from alien invaders and giving director Ryan Coogler more time to work on the film.

But yeah, Danai’s finished and we can’t wait to see her kick some ass. If that bootlegged footage from the South Korea set is any indication of what to expect from Danai and the Dora Milaje, we are in for a damn treat. And to end on an unrelated note, here’s a video of Martin Freeman playing the djembe on set.

Source: Twitter