If you’re like me who has Zemo in his top 3 villains in the MCU, then you’re gonna be glad to hear this bit of news. Speaking to Screenrant, Daniel Bruhl dished on the possibility of Helmet Zemo returning in the MCU. He had this to say:

Well I hope so. I always say they didn’t kill me, which is always a good sign. As you can imagine, it’s extremely secretive. Even if I would know something, I would probably not be allowed to tell you. But again, I was very glad about the fact that he [did] not kill himself and [was] stopped by Black Panther and that he ends up in a prison. But I’m pretty sure he’s going to get out of that prison somehow.

I’ve been very vocal about how imperative it is to have an MCU incarnation of the villainous team, the Thunderbolts. I wrote about it extensively 3 years ago and it’s an idea that’s evolved into something very tangible in the MCU. With a rich background in the comics, there’s a ton of room for our MCU Zemo to grow as a character. We know that he’s got a background kicking ass as a Sokovian mercenary so why not showcase it down the line? Have Secretary of State Thunderbolt Ross create a covert team of villains with Zemo as the lead. This thing writes itself! So how about it, Marvel? Give us Zemo and the Thunderbolts!

Source: Screenrant