The last few days have been absolutely jam-packed with production and casting rumors for Marvel’s all-new Disney+ shows on the horizon, and that trend is continuing today! Back in September, we at MCUExchange reported a rumor that Marvel Studios was looking for a “Jewish, Zac Efron-type” to fill the lead role in Disney+‘s  Moon Knight, and we finally have an actor fitting that description rumored to be up for the role. A new report from Full Circle Cinema is revealing that Kevin Feige and crew are taking a serious look at long-time movie megastar Daniel Radcliffe to don the white cape and cowl in the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Radcliffe has been one of many names thrown around in fan casting to play Marc Spector over the years, and he would be a magical fit (pun absolutely intended) for the newest Marvel superhero. Gaining worldwide fame after starring in the 8-film multi-billion dollar Harry Potter franchise from 2001-2011, he has made monumental strides as an actor following his successful youth, with such titles as Swiss Army Man, The Woman In Black, and Now You See Me 2 on his impressive resume. The accomplished young Brit has performed very well in smaller independent films, and he obviously knows how to hold his own in a huge movie franchise, and perhaps most important of all, he is really is of Jewish heritage.

We’ll have to wait and see if anything official comes, although Daniel Radcliffe would be a very fitting casting choice for Moon Knight if it comes to fruition, and all of us are anxious and excited to see it all come together!

Source: Full Circle Cinema