Despite the current state of the world with pandemic precautions still in effect, Marvel Studios is full steam ahead with its production efforts. Several productions are currently filming and several more are in pre production. With as large of a slate as we have its no surprise that these films are producing as much buzz as they are. Even less surprising, but just as welcomed is how heavy the flow of news we’ve been getting lately.

Months back we got the news that Sam Raimi was taking over as director for Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness after Scott Derrickson resigned respectfully due to creative differences with the studio. Today, we get a delightful confirmation that Danny Elfman is now attached to the Doctor Strange sequel. This news comes from an interview Elfman recently had with Inverse where he discusses several recent updates in his career. He does note that he’s currently just doing early music for the sets and that his official start of production won’t start for “some more months”. Elfman and Raimi are long-time collaborators and one of their most notable works happens to be Raimi’s classic Spider-Man films. While Elfman was absent from the third film due to bad blood with Raimi, the pair have since rekindled their relationship.

The Spider-Man theme Elfman composed back in 2002 was truly iconic. Not just in the superhero genre but in cinema itself. It stands out among many other works of its time and many other works from Elfman’s catalog. Personally, I’d rank it up there with the works of John Williams as it’s instantly recognizable and effective in conveying the epic feel that Spider-Man was going for when it pioneered the superhero genre in the early 00’s. The idea that this duo might be able to pull at least one more masterpiece out of their hats is amazing. It could also potentially give Strange his own Iconic theme for several films to come. This definitely gives the film a firm chance at being one of the best scored films in the entire franchise.

Source: Inverse