This past weekend, at Wizard Con in Chicago, a large portion of the Daredevil cast took the stage to talk about their experiences on the show and meet with fans. It was the first time so many members of the cast took the stage together since the marketing push surrounding the release of Season Two in March. While on stage, they gave us a little bit of insight on almost all of the Marvel Netflix shows.

Rosario Dawson, who has been in every property so far, and is in the Luke Cage trailer, said that she is under contract for a number of episodes but isn’t told what show she is contracted for. Marvel informs her of the number of episodes, and she is given a script for her scenes, without further information. When her character, Claire, first showed up in Season Two of Daredevil, she has a cut on her head. She, herself, wasn’t aware why she was given this cut, but was told that it would be from something that happens in Luke Cage. She did assure fans that Luke isn’t the one to give her the injury.

Dawson and Charlie Cox shared some stories of the acting world, and past roles they aren’t proud to talk about. But if the Daredevil cast could play other roles in their own show, they had some interesting answers. Elodie Yung, who was perfect in the role of Elektra, said she would like to play Foggy. Dawson chose a character equally different from her image, and said she would play Madame Gao, the Chinese elder that we are likely to see again in Iron Fist. The cast then went on to say that they would love to see Spider-Man on the show, even though that seems incredibly unlikely.

Regarding Easter eggs, it appears that even the facial expressions that Cox makes, as Daredevil, are Easter eggs. The third episode of Season Two was probably one of the most talked about, with our hero chained to a chimney before an intense stairway fight scene. One moment in the action, where Daredevil tries to fire an empty gun and smiles when he fails, was revealed to be an homage to Daredevil issue # 184, the No More Mister nice Guy cover.

The conversation then turned to how difficult it can be for Cox to play a character like Daredevil. According to Cox, one of the most difficult parts of playing blind is playing bind in front of characters who know about Matt Murdock’s senses because of how he has to move perfectly without looking at the objects. (This is definitely something to keep in mind the next time you re-watch episode five of season two, and Elektra throws the jar of pickles in Murdock’s direction.)

The actors all have big dreams for their characters. When asked what other, non-Marvel, television shows they would like to see their characters in, the list was interesting. It included Daredevil in Fargo, Karen on Mad Men, and Foggy on Friends. Dawson was willing to stay in the MCU, with Claire popping up wherever Nick Fury may be, to patch him up.

As fun as the panel was to listen to, the most interesting – and newsworthy – tidbit came when Cox talked a little bit about his next appearance, which will be in The Defenders. It appears that Matt Murdock and Danny Rand will have a slight age difference, with Murdock in his thirties and Rand around twenty-five yeas old. Cox alsi revealed that Daredevil and Iron Fist will be the only costumed characters on the show, which is the first that we have heard about Iron Fist’s costume in any variety!

You can see the entirety of the panel in the video above, courtesy of Christine Does Cons.

Source: Christine Does Cons.