At this point, we’ve seen five seasons of television with the four characters of The Defenders, and the only 2 heroes in those seasons that have put on a costume are been Charlie Cox in Daredevil and Krysten Ritter in Jessica Jones (we’re absolutely counting Jessica as a hot dog because it’s the best thing ever). In all seriosness, while we never expect Jessica Jones or Luke Cage to put on a mask, the characters did have an opportunity to pay homage to their classic costumes in their stand-alone series. In Jessica Jones, her friend Trish offered the old Jewel costume, as her potential super-hero identity. Luke Cage miraculously worked Cage’s costume into the show, tiara and all, through a series of coincidental events. Iron Fist gave the slightest homage to the classic costume, with the robes worn by the monks in K’un Lun. And based on some of the promotional material for The Defenders, they seem to be pushing the homage further by giving Danny his signature collar by way of a really puffy hoodie. And while we dig that current look of Danny Rand, we still can’t help but miss the mask.

When asked about it during their press tour in Mexico, Charlie Cox revealed an interesting proposition between their two characters that would take place in the show. A proposition involving a man by the name of Melvin Potter:

You know in the show, I would say to Finn ‘I’ll take you to Melvin Potter’ and he’d be like ‘No, I don’t wanna go man.’ And then I’ll go ‘Come on man, I’ll take you Melvin and get a suit.’ And he goes ‘I’m good.’

And even though they make fun of how Daredevil looks in a costume, Finn interated that an actual costume for Iron Fist is still something he’d like to see down the road, a plea that he has mentioned several times.

I’d love the suit. I’m all for Danny getting the suit. The time has to be right. Danny has to earn the right to wear a suit. I actually want the mask with the wispy ribbons in the back.

Finn’s comments about Danny deserving the suit are interesting. For the most part, Matt Murdock’s transition to the fully-formed Daredevil armor from the makeshift costume was something the story called for. Down to the billy clubs (which was nicely added to his training days with Stick), the need for an actual costume came from necessity, something Danny has yet to encounter in his arc. Danny isn’t faced with the problem of his superheroics endangering his civilian life nor has he dealt with the amount of bodily damage Daredevil has. The reasoning for an actual costume just isn’t there yet. On the other hand, you don’t always need an excuse to wear something as trivial as a costume. We don’t know why Hawkeye’s weapon of choice is a bow and arrow in the MCU or why he likes the color purple. That’s just part of the way he is and it works out perfectly.

Bottom line is, we hope that the new creative brains behind Iron Fist Season 2 just get to the costume, seeing as how we really won’t see Danny suit up in The Defenders. It’s not like Danny’s world is devoid of things silly. It’s not hard to merge the concept of a costume with the mantle of an already-audacious Immortal Weapon. In fact, a costume right from the get-go would be a step in the right direction away from all this “groundedness.”

With the mention of Melvin Potter, who is already vastly underutilized, the true silver lining is that there’s a chance of us seeing him in the The Defenders. We need more Melvin in our lives.

Source: Sensacine