It’s that time of the Defenders season where I find the need to express my distaste for Daredevil’s costume, in particular his mask/helmet. I wrote a long ass article on it last year elaborating why I think it needs some changing and I still share the same feelings more than a year later. This latest magazine cover for the Defenders proves just why my favorite superhero of all time needs an updated look ASAP. Just look at this goofy looking goober.

Despite my distaste for the mask, I’ve always said that it looks good in certain angles and lighting. But having a mask that only looks great in the dark at certain angles isn’t a good thing. I’m dying to see more Daredevil stories set in the daytime. You really can’t pull this off in a bright setting. Between the weird patch of black cloth covering Charlie Cox‘s ears and the contour that emphasizes his wide forehead and how awkward the eye holes are shaped, they really need to get a new helmet/mask that doesn’t look as uncomfortable as this. It’s Captain America’s costume in Avengers all over again. One of my greatest hopes in the Daredevil seasons moving forward is an improvement in the way the suit looks. I adore the character the point where I have him tattooed on me but the suit is what’s keeping me from 100% falling in love with show (I’m currently at 98% in love with it). If they managed to improve Cap’s goofy ass Avengers costume to one the genre’s best costumes ever, there’s still some hope for DD!

And if that helmet isn’t bad enough, the magazine cover seems to have forgotten the name of one member in the team. We’re hoping the uncropped version does feature her name on the cover line.

Source: TV and Satellite Week